Renee Lee Rosenberg

February 16th: Intergenerational Communication at Work

Presenter: Renee Lee Rosenberg

10 a.m. – noon (Eastern Time)

These days we are seeing five generations working side by side, each with their own set of values, beliefs, work styles, needs, and wants. Understanding variations in communication styles, values, and experiences among the generations helps us to provide our clients with more effective advice and support.

In this informative and interactive presentation, Renee will describe the differences and similarities of the five generations and how we can help clients communicate more effectively within the generational mix in the job search and in the workplace. She will be sharing excerpts and stories from her recent speaking engagement at the “Ambition” business conference in the UK. Be prepared to learn, share, and have fun.

Known as the PositivityPro and the CourAGEous Communicator, Renèe Lee Rosenberg, MA, LMHC, works with leaders to improve intergenerational communication in their organizations. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Professional International Speaker with over 30 years’ experience counseling individuals through career transitions. Her book, “Achieving the Good Life After 50: Tools and Strategies to Make it Happen”, has helped many older workers increase their self esteem and identify positive alternatives to retirement.

A Certified Virtual Speaker, Renèe has been quoted in publications and interviewed in media including, The Washington Post, US News and World Report, MSNBC, and Italian TV. She recently presented two programs in the UK on generational differences in the workplace, to the Professional Speakers Association, London Chapter, and to “Ambition”, a conference for business owners.

A long standing board member of CDSN and a studio jeweler in NYC, Renee believes in the power of positive thinking and laughter to improve health and well being.